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Vacuum Forming Ghaem Industries to the Management of Amir Motevaselian with trust in Allah Almighty since 1370 started its activities in the field of vacuum packaging and has so far been equipped with machinery and scientific and practical knowledge to provide valuable and up-to-date services to the world. The manufacturing industry of the country has taken a successful step.


With the establishment of a pre-production consulting and design unit and a unit for molding assembly and machining in one set, the institute has made progress and speed in production.

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our services

Assembling goods

Provision of assembling conditions for goods in the form of heat press, welding and final packaging in carton.

Vacuum welding machine

This machine is capable of double-layer welding of PVC vacuum.

Hydraulic press machine

This machine is capable of pressing the card into a vacuum.

Three-way vacuum machine

This device has the ability to flex three sides of the vacuum at the same time.

Production of various types

Manufacture of confectionery, chocolate, cosmetics, sanitary and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Production of vacuum cleaners

Production of various types of PVC-PET-PS with high production.

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