What is vacuum forming packaging?

Vacuum forming packaging is a very cost-effective and efficient method, which is used for packaging various products such as cosmetics, toys, food, consumer goods, etc.

Vacuum forming or thermal vacuum forming process is used to produce vacuum packages.

In the simple definition of vacuum forming, it can be said that by using aluminum mold and air suction, the thermoplastic plastic sheet is formed and then cooled to take the shape of the mold.

Types of vacuum forming packaging?

Vacuum card: It is the most widely used type of vacuum packaging, and it is a combination of printed cardboard and vacuum piece. In this package, either the printed cardboard is placed between the vacuum piece or the vacuum piece is placed between the cardboard. And they usually make a hole in the top of the package that allows the product to be hung.

Frequency welding vacuum: In this type of packaging, after placing the product inside the package, two vacuum pieces are welded together by the machine to seal the package.

Sliding vacuum: In a sliding vacuum, the three sides of the main piece are bent, bent or folded with a machine, and then a cardboard or plastic card is slid inside the bent piece to complete the packaging.

Vacuum stand: This type of packaging is produced in two forms: ordinary stand and box stand. A typical stand is a piece in which the products are arranged and the box stand is placed inside a cardboard cube with a lid, then the products are placed inside the box.

Food containers: Containers with lids such as glasses and disposable containers and dairy containers whose lids are so-called flooded (sealed with a thin layer of aluminum) are other than this type of packaging.

Vacuum skin (thermopack): This type of vacuum packaging does not need a mold and in a way the product itself acts as a mold and forms the packaging. In the skin packaging, the products are placed on a cardboard card and then placed on the machine, and then the sheet is placed on the product and the vacuum card.

Special vacuum (with the possibility of printing): This package is like other vacuum packages, the only difference is the possibility of printing on it, which is done with special devices.

What are the raw materials for vacuum forming packaging?

The raw materials for vacuum packaging are thermoplastics such as PVC, PET, HIPS and ABS.

What products can be vacuum packed?

Cosmetic products, toys, electronics, food, sweets and chocolates, consumer goods, etc. can be packed with vacuum forming.

What is a CNC vacuum forming mold?

In the old days, the casting method was used to make vacuum molds, but today, with the help of CNC machines, vacuum molds are made with 3D design and CNC machines.

What is a transparent box(DieCut)?

DieCut boxes are made of PVC and PET sheets, which are cut and folded with special razors. It is possible to print on these boxes.

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