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  • Vacuum Forming

    Vacuum Forming

    Production of various types of packaging and vacuum forming parts (PS-PET-PVC-HP) with the possibility of 6-color offset printing

  • Product Stand

    Product Stand

    Production of vacuum stands for sweets, chocolate, cosmetics, health and medicine

  • Transparent Box(DieCut)

    Transparent Box(DieCut)

    Production of transparent boxes with the possibility of offset printing in 6 colors

  • Food containers

    Food containers

    Production of sealable and lid containers

  • Assembly of goods

    Assembly of goods

    Assembly of goods in the form of heat press, welding and final packaging in cartons

  • High frequency welding vacuum

    High frequency welding vacuum

    Weld two layers of PVC vacuum to each other with a vacuum welding machine

  • Hydraulic heat press(Blister)

    Hydraulic heat press(Blister)

    Vacuum pressing on cardboard with hydraulic heat press machine(Blister)

  • Bend three sides vacuum

    Bend three sides vacuum

    Bend the three sides of the vacuum at the same time as the three-way bending machine

  • Making CNC molds

    Making CNC molds

    Design and manufacture of CNC molds

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